They hatched a daring plan: To educate young sorcerers, thus Hogwarts school began. Welcome to Hogwarts Age, a post-by-post roleplay forum for fans of Harry Potter!
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 Official Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Official Forum Rules   Official Forum Rules Icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2015 6:53 am


This is a fandom/roleplay website for fans of Harry Potter. Our rules are set to fit an older range of people, just as a fair discretion. However, a number of offenses will NOT be tolerated, under any circumstances.

Sexual/Pornographic Content
Spam/Unapproved Advertisement

If any of these rules are broken, the user will immediately be banned and not allowed to return. If you witness any of these offenses take place, message a headmaster or professor immediately.

Users will be given a loose set of rules, but we expect the basic protocols here, which includes being respectful and mature.

Personal Information

HA does not take any responsibility for issues related to identity. You are permitted to use your real name, age, and picture, but there is fair warning and discretion.

Curse Words on Hogwarts Age

Since this forum is occupied for older teenagers, a range of curse words will be tolerated. However, a select few will not be permitted for use.
UNPERMITTED WORDS: The f-word, the c-word, and the n-word, and any derogatory terms.


Pictures, including appearances for characters, avatars, and signatures will have a broad boundary. However, pictures with nudity and revealing swimsuit areas will not be allowed.

Also, please make sure that your picture is not too large. There's no set tolerance size, but please do not post anything too big.

Overall, we just hope you enjoy yourself in this forum and have a good time.  Smile If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact any headmaster or professor. Thank you for reading!

~ Hermione
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Official Forum Rules
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